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Seoul the largest city in S.Korea and is renowned for its Hi-Tech infrastructure and hosted the 1988 Olympic Games, 2002 FIFA World Cup and 2010 G20 Submit.


A popular destination even for locals, the largest Korean Island is surrounded by the indigo sea that blends beautifully with the spectacular scenery and unique culture.


The city with the country's largest seaport is known for its beaches, hot springs, and nature reserves as well as the city's renowned international film festival held each fall.


Touristic areas in Gangneung are divided into coastline and mountain regions. Centered in Gangneung, coastal and mountainous regions provide good tourist attractions.


It is recommended that tourists visiting Jeonju, begin at this unique village. The village area includes a traditional hot spring and is surrounded by many popular tourist spots.


Known as the birthplace of ancient Gaya, Buddhism, and the Confucian cultures, is a treasury of cultural assets. Includes UNESCO World Heritage Listed places.


A transportation hub by both air and sea, with a large harbor and Korea's main international airport. Popular attractions include Chinatown, Art Centre and Freedom Park.


Due to the major research centers in Daejeon, it has one of the largest populations of foreigners in Korea. Moreover, the ratio of Ph.D. holders is quite impressive.


A small town which connects to Seoraksan National Park. Recommeded attraction - Abai Village which is a small village of North Korean expats.
DMZ is close by.

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