Situated on the east coast of South Korea, in the Gangwon province, it is renowned as a tourist attraction in Korea. With a population of 229,869 (as of 2006), its main highlight is the cultural festivals of the lunar Korean calendar (Dano).

The Dano Festival

Hot spots to visit

Gyeongpo Pavilion

Perched atop a hill overseeing, the beach, but with grandeur that echo's in its historical and cultural heritage, but most importantly the purpose and architectural design, resonates appealing to the traveler as one gazes into the heavens during the night.

Gyeongpo Beach

A sand bank formed between the Gyeongpo lake and the ocean beyond, it is a beach renowned for its natural ambience and cultural heritage that is predominant during the luner calendar celebrations, and other festive occasions.

Gyeongpo Lake

Situated 6km northwest of Gangneung, it is a lake known for its beauty, especially with the natural eco-systems and flora and fauna that inhabit its shores. Myths and nature entwine, when the moon shines above in the sky, reflecting its image in all, its splendor upon the Lake itself.

Jumunjin Beach

With unusually quaint blue waters, with fine sand, and pine trees behind the shore, it is a serene and tranquil location, to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Ojukheon Municipal Museum

A house that commemorates the age of kings, in Korean history, through the very timber and mortar of its construction. Preserving the architectural, cultural ambience, it is a highlight in understanding the daily world of that age.

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