A Central Metropolitan city which is the fifth largest city of South Korea with a population of around 1.5 Million. Knwon for its science and education it has 232 research and education institutes. With Daedeok Science Town, Daejeon Expo Park, Yuseong Hot Springs Resort and Daecheong Dam there is lots to do. Motto is "It's Daejeon"

A city with a long history of culture and tradition. EXPO Park, site of the 1993 Daejeon World Expo, showcases the area's research center in nearby Daedeok Science Town. Nearby mountains (Gyeryong-san National Park, Sogni-san National Park and Daedun-san Provincial Park), temples (Beopju-sa, Donghak-sa, and Gap-sa), hot springs (Yuseong), and lakes (Daecheong Lake) offer many recreation opportunities for travelers and local residents.

Hot spots to visit

Expo Park

Expo Park where Daejeon World Exhibition was held in 1993 is the one and only theme park in nation consisting of 18 exhibition galls. Visitors can experience the fantastic world of science in harmony with nature & human and tradition & future.

Hanbat Arbotoreum

A rather pleasant botanical garden to stroll through just across the river from Expo Park. It's big, although a bit sparse as the trees are still mostly quite young.

Dunsan Prehistoric Settlement Site

When excavating for Dunsan new town in the early 1990s, a bunch of "stone-age" relics were discovered. Prior to the discovery, it was widely believed the region had a rather recent history. At a glance, the site is essentially a very hilly grassy park with scattered fake prehistoric huts built over it, but has extensive historical information for visitors.

National Cemetary

National cemetary for Korea's war heroes and patriots. It's quite beautifully landscaped and surrounded by a ring walking trail.

Ppuri Park

A family-oriented park on the southern outskirts of town. There are the usual swan boats and the like, but the odd drawcard is the hill covered in stone statues representing local family lineages. Locals have a great time pouring over these, but to the casual observer its just a curious if unusual collection of modern art.

Daejeon Museum of Art / The Municipal Museum of Arts

The Municipal Museum of Arts, located in Dunsan, is a two-story building with a basement. It houses exhibition galleries and educational halls. Outside the museum are the Water Sculpture Park and the Grass Sculpture Park.

Yuseong Foot Spa

The 100% natural hot spring, with enjoyable 41 degrees celcius water, is available to anyone 24 hours all year round, and there are two tubs for the feet bath, a square-shaped tub that is equipped with a roof in case of a bad weather condition and a complete outdoor tub.

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